Insight Seminars

Forensic Mental Health

Shari Julian LPC, LMFT, PhD, MS, M.Ed, DFFM, DFFE, PHR,
Mediator, Family Facilitator, Sexologist

October 27, 2017 (1p.m. – 4p.m.)

Dr. Shari Julian has worked as a forensic mental health consultant and expert witness for over thirty years. She has worked all over the world as an expert in criminal, family and civil cases. Dr. Julian, who is licensed as an LPC and as an LMFT, also has a post-doctorate and over 8000 hours of training in sexual issues and victimology, along with a graduate certificate in forensic expertise. Her research and studies in victimology extend to analysis and intervention modalities in complex issues such as combat, severe traumas, survivorship of disasters, and major mass traumas.

As a former graduate professor in forensic analysis, she has developed a system of applied global analysis to situational and case issues. The first hour of her presentation will focus on general understanding of legal terms and strategies for the therapist who is called to court. Included will be some strategies for risk avoidance for the practitioner. Special emphasis will be given to the diverse challenges that can affect the career and reputation of mental health therapists who are called to court.

The rest of the presentation will focus on types of cases that she has been involved with, along with the investigative and mediation techniques she has employed. As more therapists are called to court as either as witnesses, practitioners or experts, this neglected area of practice needs to be understood.

The fee for this 3-hour CEU seminar is $50 for non-MHA members, $40 for MHA members and $20 for students.

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