Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

United Way of Tarrant County

WRAP is a 24 hour evidenced-based course developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, Ph.D., who is an author, educator, mental health advocate, and mental illness survivor.

WRAP gives people the power, strength, and means to overcome their illness and lead fulfilling lives with healthy relationships, job readiness, and an overall feeling of wellness and health. WRAP is a support and relapse prevention course for individuals desiring to take personal responsibility to improve their lives.  WRAP incorporates the development of a personalized WRAP plan, art, music, exercise, wellness presentations, and healthy coping skills.

Key elements of WRAP include:

  • Key Recovery Concepts: Hope, Personal Responsibility, Education, Self-Advocacy, and Support>
  • Wellness Toolbox
  • Daily Maintenance Plan
  • Identification of Triggers and Action Plan
  • Crisis Planning and Post Crisis Planning
  • Development of an Active Support Group

The WRAP Program is a structured system for monitoring uncomfortable and distressing symptoms and reducing, modifying, or eliminating those symptoms. A wellness plan is built based on the responses and input from other members when symptoms are inhibiting us to make good decisions, take care of ourselves, and keep ourselves safe.

This course is led by recovery educators and peers in mental health recovery.  Each leader is a Certified WRAP Facilitator who is trained to walk along side and guide you in your path to recovery and wellness.

Upon completion of the WRAP course, graduates receive certificates denoting their commitment to recovery.
WRAP Flyer

Please contact Barbara Jordan at 817-569-5779 or Barbara.Jordan@mhmrtc.org.

Plan to join us for this self-advocacy and empowerment training, WRAP, and change your life!

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